Taxes & Incentives

Athens-Clarke County is an active and growing environment that is inviting for businesses, industries, and makers of all sizes. The Athens-Clarke County Economic Development Department works closely with the State of Georgia and regional workforce development partners to ensure that all new information and resources in regards to taxes, rebates and incentives are easily available. Our goal is to provide as many applicable tools as possible for our existing industries and new industries so that Athens, Georgia may continue to thrive.


State of Georgia

The State of Georgia’s Economic Development Department has a comprehensive system of tax rebates and incentives to encourage investment and job creation throughout the State of Georgia. Periodically our team, together with a State of Georgia representative, will meet with existing industry members of the Athens business community to discuss these incentives and make sure business are made aware of any and all incentives they are eligible for. 

Whether you are a large manufacturer or local maker, the State of Georgia has programs and specialists available both regionally and locally to help your business thrive. Some of the most popular tax credits include:

Job Tax Credit – If you create two or more full time jobs in a single year, you may earn as much as $4,000 (depending on your community) per job for up to five years.

Port Tax Credit Bonus – If your facility increases imports and/or exports through a State of Georgia port by at least 10%, your facility may qualify for a $1,250 bonus add to the job tax credit (noted above) or an adjustment to the investment tax credit (below).

Research and Development Tax CreditDepending on how much your facility spends on research and development, you may qualify for a portion of that spending to be credited to you.

Retraining Tax CreditYour facility may be able to offset retraining costs associated to new equipment training or new skills training, up to $500 credit per full-time employee or training program.

State and Local Tax Rates

Millage – $13.58
The millage in each county is set annually by the board of county commissioners, or other governing authority of the taxing jurisdiction, and by the Board of Education.  A tax rate of one mill represents a tax liability of one dollar per $1,000 of assessed value. The average county and municipal millage rate is 30 mills.

Income Tax Rates
State – 6%
Local – 0%

Corporate Income Tax Rates
State – 6%
Local – 0%

Sales Tax Rates – 8%
State of Georgia Sales Tax – 4%
LOST (Local Optional Sales Tax) – 4%
SPLOST (Special Purpose Local Optional Sales Tax) – 1%
ELOST (Education Local Optional Sales Tax) – 1%
TSPLOST (Transportation Special Purpose Local Optional Sales Tax) – 1%

Opportunity Zones

What is an Opportunity Zone (OZ)?

An opportunity zone is a local redevelopment area qualified by the Georgia Department of Community Affairs (DCA) for the state’s maximum job tax credit.

The Opportunity Zone Search Tool on the interactive map will allow you to determine if your business is located in an eligible opportunity zone.

Ask Us About Taxes & Incentives

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