“Highly Diverse. Highly Talented.” is a statement we proudly stand by in Athens. Our diversity can be seen in our K-12 education working daily to build a community and pool of talent that matches your needs and the changing profile the world around us. Benefiting from the wealth of  international programs through our local universities, our department is happy to connect you with support for your global business needs.

Athens-Clarke County Community Profile 2018
A profile of Clarke-County’s community population, households, and income.

Athens City Hall Community Profile (45-Minutes) 2017
A profile of the community population, households, and income within 45-min radius of Athens City Hall.

Athens Tapestry Report (45-Minutes City Hall)
Tapestry Segmentation Area Profile within 45-min radius of Athens City Hall. This report identifies neighborhood segments in the area, and describes the socioeconomic quality of the immediate neighborhood.